20 Top Ideas For INITIATING SEX With Your Partner


Initiating sex with your partner does not need to be an awkward or complicated task; you can be direct, creative or even funny. Whichever you choose, the most important thing is to keep sex lively and healthy in your relationship.

Here are 20 recommendations that can make you a champion at initiating sex:

1. Want some morning sex? Wake your partner up to a big sloppy wet kiss. You may have to deal with the morning breath though.

2. Get things heated for the evening by texting your lover while at work describing all the things you’ll do when you see.

3. Offer your partner a nice massage session and be sure to come sexily dressed.

4. You and your partner should have code words for sex and different sexual activities so you can let them know what you’re thinking when you’re with other people or with your kids.

5. Leave sexy and suggestive notes in places you’ve had sex before: the bedroom, kitchen counter, the back seat of the car.

6. Buy new lingerie and tease your partner about it. Ask questions like: “I’m wearing soft red lace pants today, wanna feel it?” or ask him to choose which lingerie he’d like to see you wearing when he returns home.

7. Grab the chance for a quickie by hopping into the shower while your partner takes a bath.

8. Lady, grab his butt when he walks by you; or if you want,a light spank would also be very naughty.

9. Before your partner leaves for work, stick a note on the steering wheel of their car. Say something naughty that will leave them anxious to return home in the evening.

10. Give partner body cues like biting his ears, or running your hands up his thighs.

11. Write it on her personal calendar or in her to-do-list. Don’t forget to add your signature.

12. Welcome your partner from work or from a brief trip dressed seductively. Get those cleavages together and those thick thighs out.

13. Send him a menu listing five items you propose for dinner. Tell him to choose only two items. Be sure to add two of your favorite sex activities to the menu.

14. Remind your partner of the amazing sex you had some while ago. Let memories do the rest of the work.

15. Grab her in a gentle yet roughly erotic way and look into her eyes.

16. Make use of lines with sexual undertones to tell your partner what you’re thinking of. For example, you can say: “I’m going to the bedroom, would you like to come?”

17. Suggest a game to your partner, but make sex the reward for whoever wins.

18. Tell your partner of a new product or sex position you think you both should try out this night.

19. Bring down the curtains, get some scented candles, rose petals, oils, and welcome your partner home to the surprise.

20. Get into bed naked and wrap your arms around your partner.

That’s it, go have fun!