Are Durex condoms reliable?


We often see this question asked by netizens on the Internet: Are Durex condoms reliable? Wait for the answer desperately. Questions alike are common. Now this article will help the netizens to solve this problem. Are Durex condoms reliable? Let's look at the answer.

Are Durex condoms reliable? - Natural latex

The component of Durex is natural latex, and some condoms add lubricant or suspending agent. Let's look at whether these three components are secure or not.

Durex uses natural latex only to produce condoms. Any manufacturer knows high-quality products rely on excellent raw materials. Prior to purchasing these raw materials, each batch of latex is tested and evaluated at the plantation. When the latex arrives at the factory, they will be tested again. Only when the latex quality reaches the Durex global quality standard, will they be used in production.

International procedures and techniques are adopted in the manufacturing process. Before shipment from the factory, the products will be tested again so as to ensure the quality reaches the international standard (for latex condoms) and the standards stipulated by the relevant countries. Also, the products need to pass the more strict Durex quality standard. Therefore, customers can trust Durex products.

Are Durex condoms reliable? - Lubricant

Durex condoms add mile and non-viscous lubricant which is colorless and tasteless. Even if you use excessive amount of lubricant, it can be wash off by water, increasing your pleasant sensation in an easy way. You can rest assured that Durex Lubricants have no harm to your skin for they are water-based.

Are Durex condoms reliable?

Are Durex condoms reliable? Theoretically, they are reliable and safe. But for some extreme cases, those who have very special physique should be careful. Some people have very sensitive skin that might be irritated by some components of the condom including latex. So it is recommended to consult a doctor for those who have this problem. Surely, for the majority of people, the answer to the question "Are Durex condoms reliable?" is positive.