Condoms' little secrets


Some people love condoms for they are a contribution to safe sex and cause much less harm to the body than other contraceptive methods, while others hate them, saying they are a killer to a comfortable sex. Everybody knows what's happening. A lot of young couples are being too crazy during sex.

The condom becomes useless because of improper usage.

The biggest enemy of extra-thin condoms is the girls' long fingernails or the ring on their fingers. They might accidentally tear the condom when they are totally lost in the lovemaking, which will cause the failure of contraception. Also, vaginal dryness, mostly observed among the middle-aged women, might cause the condom to break as well. Insufficient foreplay is a possible cause to vaginal dryness and breakage of the condom.

In addition, long lasting lovemaking will increase the risk of breakage, so your stamina might sometimes be a bad thing.

Some men like to use the studded or ribbed and dotted condoms. They believe such condoms will give extra stimulation to their partners' vagina. However, frequent use of these condoms will raise women's excitement threshold in bed and decrease the level of pleasure upon regular stimulation.

And there are luminous condoms. They are made by applying phosphorus coating to regular condoms and used to produce light and increase the sex appeal. However, condoms that contain phosphorus are not recommended, because phosphorus is a source of allergy and might cause genital inflammation, vaginitis and systemic allergies.

Condoms that can prolong a man's erection are also popular. Such condoms contain an anesthetic. Although such anesthetic can delay climax, it is likely to cause local blood stasis or swelling and induce genital inflammation if the prostate stays congestive for a long time.

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