Different types of Condoms

Different types of Condoms

Condoms are used for contraception, so you can only know whether a condom is good by trying it yourself. There are a wide range of condoms on the market, but which condom brands are better?

Male condom

Male condoms are made from soft latex, so in case they are broken, you should open them carefully. The male condom must be put on when the penis is stiff. After ejaculation, draw out the penis before it gets completely soft in case the semen flows into the lady's vagina and causes contraception failure. The ISO4074 standard is the international standard for latex condoms.

Some male condoms are flavoured, fruit-flavored condoms are thinner and sleek. And there are many flavors for your choice, which will add more fun to your lovemaking. Women find them more acceptable, because the fruit flavours will keep them from being distracted by the odor coming from the penis. Durex Select contains strawberry-flavored lubricant. Try it and make the sex even more joyful and sweet.

Female invisible condom

Invisible condom is a brand-new contraceptive product containing nano-silver foam. It's advertised as invisible because it's incredibly thin. You might not feel it when you wear it. It combines the contraception, lubrication and antibacterial action.

You have to try it

No matter which type of condom you like, you should choose one that fits your size. If you wear a larger condom, the semen will easily run out of it, which will increase the risk of pregnancy and infectious diseases. Besides, a larger condom will decrease the level of pleasure during sex and might disappoint men. But wearing a smaller condom too often might cause genital ischemia, circulation problems, genital tissue and nerve hypoxia or even Peyronie. Therefore, finding your size is truly important.

Durex is an expert at condom making. To improve the performance of condoms, Durex has optimized its latex through professional vulcanization process. Besides quality assurance, we also care about the users' health, so the vulcanized latex needs to pass the test in the laboratory. To ensure the high quality of condoms, Durex carries out strict real-time monitoring and spot checks on the temperature of all kinds of materials throughout the production.