Does the performance in bed have anything to do with condoms?

Although the condom is the best way of contraception, there are still lots of men who hate it. Most of them say putting on a condom decreases the level of sexual excitement and some even say condoms hamper their performance in bed?

However, a latest study shows that latex condoms have nothing to do

with men's performance in bed!

Oh please, you guys think the condom is to blame for your bad performance? Well you are not better at it without one.

Maybe you need more foreplay to get your penis really hard? Or...let's say the condom undermines your confidence?

You see, the problem is not the condom, it'

We observed those who alleged they had erection problem with a condom, wondering whether they had the same problem without one.

We found that those who were fine with condoms had no problem in getting an erection without them, but those who experienced erection problem with condoms had a greater chance to suffer from erection dysfunction without them. This suggests that whether you can kill it in bed has nothing to do with condom.

The most important thing is to encourage those who have a problem with condoms to blame themselves for their troubles. People who hate putting on a condom would choose to have sex without one, but this will increase the risk of AIDS and other STDs. 

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