Five Great Benefits of Sex


Sex is unarguably one of the world’s most pleasurable activities. However beyond the fact that it feels good, the benefits of sex go a longer way to boosting your health and improving your general well-being. So if you’re needing more reasons to get under sheets more frequently then these five sex benefits will motivate you.

The Benefits of Sex

1. Same Physical Benefits as Exercise

Like every other bodily activity that requires you to be physically active, Sex can help you burn calories, increase your heart rate and improve blood curculation. While sex can’t replace regular exercise, the more agile and vigorous your sexual activities are, the more it can improve your physical fitness.

2. Reduces Stress

Sex promotes positive emotions like love, happiness, self-esteem, pleasure and excitement, making it a great way to overcome fatigue, tension or anxiety. In fact, the voice or touch of a loved one is an effective distressor.

3. Improves Sleep

Sex helps you relax and sleep better. At orgasm, the hormone called prolactin is released and it acts as a sleep aide, promoting feelings of tranquility and sleepiness.

4. Improves Relationships and Intimacy

Sex is of great benefit to your relationship. It helps build feelings of trust and love between couples and is a great way to strengthen your connection even beyond the bedroom.

5. Your General Well Being

Human are wired to crave deep relationships and sex is one of the ways we experience human connection and deep levels of intimacy. With a healthy sex life, you have a support system that replenishes you emotionally so you can thrive in other areas of living.

Remember that sex is only healthy when it is safe, so when you choose to do your body a favor and have sex, make sure you choose Durex condoms.