Healthy Sex Positions To Spice Things Up in The Bedroom


A sure way to achieve a healthy and satisfying sex life is by livening things up in the bedroom from time to time. It could be as simple as role-playing, sexting, using sex toys, but also importantly, being creative with sex positions. Although there are no rules about sex positions, going with what you’re most comfortable is your best bet. If you’re wondering which healthy sex positions are best to experiment with, we have a few ideas for you.

Three Healthy Sex Positions To Try

1. Spooning

This sex position is a great choice because it offers comfort and bodily intimacy. Spooning is a mix of cuddling and intercourse and is similar to when spoons are fitted together in a stack. To take this position, lie with a side to the bed and vertically align your body with your partner’s. The woman should be in front to enable the man penetrate from behind. Here’s what it should look like:

2. Cow Girl

There are two variants of this classic sex position, with the woman on the top. The forward-facing cowgirl position is achieved with the man lying on his back while the woman sits on top, facing him and thrusting up and down.

The reverse cowgirl position has the woman sitting facing away from the man. A modern twist to this is for the man to bend his knees giving his partner something to straddle with and ride smoothly. The cowgirl position is perfect for clitoral stimulation and deep penetration

3. The Tominagi

For this position, the man kneels while the woman lies on her back and rests her feet on his chest. The Tominagi sex position gives the man great thrusting power and makes it easier for him to achieve very deep penetration while partners keep face-to-face contact.

So, which one of these healthy sex positions will you be trying out?