How powerful are Durex condoms?

Even though condoms are small, they have powerful use, especially that Durex condoms can not only prevent pregnancy and diseases but also add more joy and pleasure to sex! Furthermore, Durex condoms are not just one type. There are many types of Durex condoms and each type has its own features. No matter what sexual needs couples have, they can be satisfied!

Durex condoms: Extra Safe provides secure sex

Durex Extra Safe condoms are reliable. On the basis of the original protection, Durex Extra Safe enhances its own advantages by increasing thickness and protective effect, so that lovers can feel free to enjoy secure sex!

Durex Extra Safe condoms are made of high-quality natural latex. They are slightly thicker for those who want to feel more secure in sexual intercourse. Durex Extra Safe condoms provide intimate and safe sex. They have better quality than the international standard and are extra lubricated, natural and comfortable, bringing spark to your sex life.

Durex condoms: Featherlite

How can couples enjoy zero distance in sex? Do not use condoms? Wrong! You can experience when wearing a condom! Durex Featherlite allows you to enjoy secure intimate sex.

Durex Featherlite Condoms are thinner than other types of Durex condoms, which provides what lovers desire for - intimate experience in sexual intercourse.  Feel the joy of sex! The quality and security are assured, enabling you to fully enjoy sexual pleasure without worries and burden.