How To Ask A Girl Out If You’re Nervous


Need tips on how to ask a girl out, even when you are pretty scared? It’s alright, we’ve got you covered. We understand it can be a terrifying thing to open up about your feelings to someone, but when you really wish to be more than friends with a person, there’s no way out except giving it a go. These four tips should make it a little bit easier for you.

4 Tips on How to Ask a Girl Out

1. Build Your Self-Confidence

Your self-confidence is something you can’t afford to throw away when walking up to a girl. No matter how nervous you feel, approach her with a calm demeanour and some level-headedness. You can boost your self-confidence and lessen the pressure you feel by simply presenting the most genuine version of yourself. You don’t have to pretend or present a near-perfect personality to get her to say yes.

2. Don’t Overdo Things

It’s alright to want to impress the lady you’re trying to ask out, but if you have no real knowledge of who she is, it will be difficult to predict what gets her impressed. Instead, your miscalculated efforts could only end up irking her. Take things easy, start with being courteous and respectful and sensitive to her needs. Hopefully, as you interact, you’ll discover what makes her feel appreciated and loved.

3. Establish a Connection

It’s easier to get a girl to say yes if she trusts you and has had the opportunity of knowing you. So instead of dropping the “Can I ask you on a date” questions like a bombshell, take time to have real and friendly conversations. This will help her learn more about how amazing you are.

4. Keep Your Intentions Clear

Don’t mince words, be clear about what you want. This is not to say you shouldn’t be creative with your question. However, you should avoid very uncertain sentences like, “I would like to see you again” or “Can I get to know more about you?”. Tell her you really admire her and would like to take her on a date.