How to deftly cope with broken Durex condoms?


Have you ever encountered the situation when you are having passionate sex: when you are engaged in passionate extraction and insertion, suddenly you find that your Durex condom is broken? In fact, Durex condoms are low in break rate. The break is probably caused by improper use. So early prevention is necessary to ensure contraception.

Check Durex condoms before use

You should develop a good habit to check the condom before use. Perhaps due to improper storage and other reasons, the condom is already broken before you use it, so when you are having passionate sexual activities, Durex condoms are easily broken. The break rate of condoms is quite low, and the break rate of high-quality condoms is 1‰. Few condoms may have extremely small holes in the front end which are hard to find by naked eyes. Though sperms cannot penetrate through the holes, the holes is likely to be the portal of virus, because the size of AIDS virus is smaller than the sperm. In addition, almost all sexually transmitted virus are so small. Therefore, some condoms can ensure contraception, but probably fail to prevent diseases.

To use Durex condoms correctly

If you want to prevent the condoms from breaking, correct use is a requirement. First of all, you should choose a condom fit to your size and make sure the condom is intact before use, thus preventing from breaking and ensuring contraception after use.

Condoms should be put on after penile erection and before sexual activities. After ejaculation, you should hold the condom edge and withdraw the penis (together with the condom) out of your partner's vagina before the penis gets soft so as to prevent the semen flowing out from the base of your penis. According to surveys, in many sexual activities with condoms, mostly, few semen flow out from the base of your penis. The few flow-out semen may not cause pregnancy, but probably cause sexually transmitted infections including AIDS.

How to do if the condom breaks when you are having sex

If you find the condom broken when you are having sex, you must stop the sexual activity in time to ensure contraception. If you fail to stop the sexual activity in time, the semen will flow into your partner's vagina, thus contraception will not work.

All in all, as long as you follow regular operations, the chance for Durex condoms breaking is very little. In case Durex condoms break during sexual activities, you should stop the sexual activity in time and take after-sex remedial measures to ensure contraception.