How To Enjoy Sex Better


There are many reasons sex can begin to feel less enjoyable to you. For example you may not be feeling as connected to your partner as you used to or perhaps you’re experiencing some physical or emotional changes that keeps you distracted during sex. If you’re wondering how to enjoy sex better, start by identifying what’s not working and together with your partner explore how you can make things better.

We've listed ten recommendations on how to enjoy sex better.

1. Try using lubricants if you’re experiencing dry and painful sex.

2. If you’re feeling disconnected from your partner, rebuild your intimacy with other activities like having deep talks or touching each other’s bodies.

3. Communicate more during intercourse so your partner knows the best way to satisfy you.

4. If you're feeling less aroused, explore new ways of stimulating your body. Try masturbating solo or with your partner.

5. Feeling bored? Get creative with scented candles, oils, sex toys or some music.

6. If you’re constantly anxious about having an unwanted pregnancy, stay protected with Durex Extra Safe condoms.

7. Explore natural aphrodisiacs if you think you’re losing your sex drive.

8. Lacking excitement? Try changing scenery, take a trip or book a hotel for the weekend.

9. You might be lacking energy for sex because you are stressed, why not take a leave from work or try sleeping for longer hours.

10. Wish you could last longer in bed? Try Durex Performa condoms.