How to Prevent Pregnancy


In this article, we’ll take a look at how to prevent pregnancy, compare common contraception methods and the best recommendations for birth control.

While there are various options for preventing pregnancy during sex, each varies in effectiveness, accessibility, ease of use and side effects. We recommend condoms as the best choice for contraception because it is cost-effective and easy to use. Durex condoms are made from high-quality latex and if used properly offers up to 99% protection.

How to Prevent Pregnancy With Condoms

Condoms are stretchy pouches worn on the penis during sex, acting as a barrier when the man releases sperm during intercourse.


  • Easy to use
  • Costs little
  • Have no side effects
  • Can be easily purchased at a drugstore or supermarket
  • Come in cool variants and flavors


  • Effectiveness requires practice and discipline

Preventing Pregnancy With Pills

Birth control pills are drugs with hormonal effects that can prevent pregnancy. While contraceptive pills may be convenient and can help to improve menstrual flow, its some of its side effects include spotting, nausea, headaches, sore breasts and change in sexual desire.

How to Control Pregnancy With Spermicide

Spermicide is a chemical applied deep in the vagina before sex to prevent sperm from getting to the egg. It can be a great choice because it is cheap, triggers no hormonal changes and is quite convenient. However, it can irritate the vagina or your partner’s penis. It can also become messy during intercourse.

Other methods of birth control include hormonal implants, intrauterine devices and birth control surgery. However, these options can be expensive, require medical assistance and also come with discomforting side effects.

If you’re looking for how you can prevent pregnancy without worrying about hospital visits, side effects or huge expenses, then Durex condoms are your best bet.