How to Use Condoms; Six Steps to Stay Protected

In most cases, making your first attempt at a thing can be a little awkward. So it is with having sex or using a condom for the first time. People get so nervous about their first sex experience that they don't even know how to use condoms. But it’s okay, with more practice you’ll definitely improve. It is much better to have an awkward first experience than to skip the use of protection and face the risk of unwanted pregnancy or contracting an STI or AIDS. For the best experience, here are six steps on how to use a condom.

1. Buy the Correct Size

You should buy a condom that fits your penis. The size of the condoms you use will affect not only how comfortable you are in sex but also how effective contraception will be. On one hand, if the condom is too big, it might slip off and get stuck in your partner's vagina. Worse is that the semen might flow into her vagina, which might cause contraceptive failure. On the other hand, if the condom is too small, it will feel very uncomfortable and can easily break while in use, causing a failure in contraception.

Condom manufacturers produce condoms of different lengths and widths according to customers' needs, also condoms are made of rubber, so they are elastic to some degree to meet the needs of men when they erect. In Nigeria, Durex regular-sized condoms are designed to fit most men irrespective of their different penis sizes to ensure effective contraception in sex. However, there is a special Extra-large Durex for men who need some extra fitting.

2. Check Expiry Date and Open With Care

You are likely to damage the condom if you open its pack wrongly. When opening a condom wrapper, be sure to squeeze the condom to a side before gently tear the wrap by hand. To avoid tearing the condom, do not cut the package with a pair of scissors, fingernails or any other sharp tools. Please note, before you unwrap and use a condom, check to be sure it isn’t expired.

3. Know the Correct Side to Put On

A lot of men wear condoms from the wrong side and have sex without knowing especially if the light is out during intercourse. This should be avoided because condoms have certain substances on the inside lining, or alternatively the outer side. Wearing a condom with the right-side in might cause bad stimulation or ruin your experience. Make sure you know which side of the condom inside and outside of a condom. To know which way to wear your condom, do the following:

  • Hold the rim also known as the brim of the condom.
  • Try unrolling it. The side to which the rim unrolls easily is the correct one.
  • You shouldn't have to stick your fingers inside the condom for it to unroll.

4. Extract Air Before Wearing Condom

When putting on a male condom, avoid air getting in because it could make it break. To ensure there is no air in the condom as you insert your penis, take note of the following:

  • Wait until your penis is fully erect before you put on the condom.
  • Hold the tip of the condom between your fingers as you wear a condom on your penis tip.
  • Use your other hand to roll up the condom up the shaft of your penis.

5. Leave Some Extra Space

You should remember to leave some space at the tip of your condom in order to properly contain semen after ejaculation. If there is not enough space at the tip, your condoms can break and spill your semen, foiling your contraception effort. To leave adequate space, you need to unroll the condom for a few inches before wearing it and be sure to leave some room at the tip of the condom after inserting your penis.

6. Dispose of Your Condom Properly After Ejaculation

After ejaculation, be cautious when withdrawing your penis from your partner’s vagina or whichever opening applies in your case. It is important to hold onto the condom as you do so, ensuring that no semen spills out of the condom. Finally, condoms should be neatly disposed into the bin and not into the toilet as it can clog the pipes.