Introduction to types of Durex condoms.


Condoms are an essential part of sexual life for couples. They can not only give protection against pregnancy but also prevent sexually transmitted diseases, buttering your bread on both sides. Furthermore, other than the two functions mentioned above, Durex condoms also can add sexual pleasure. Why? For catering to the needs of people, Durex has kindly launched 4 main series of Durex condoms for people to choose. Next, I will share the types of Durex condoms.

Classification of Durex condoms - Safe and Confident series

In sex life, having confidence really affects one's performance in sexual intercourse. Therefore, in order to enhance security and confidence in sex life for men and women, Durex has launched Safe and Confidence series. This series has 8 types of condoms, including Love, Extra Safe, and Together.

These types are mainly pink or colorless as dominant hue. Warm tones are more seductive.

Classification of Durex condoms - Ultra-thin Intimate series

After obtaining security and confidence, couples would desire more intimacy. To fulfill this need of couples, Durex has specially designed Ultra-thin Intimate series. This series has 8 types of condoms, including Real Feel, Feel Ultra Thin, and Elite.

These condoms are mainly pink or transparent. They all have vanilla scent, adding charm to your sex.

Classification of Durex condoms - Pleasure series

If security, confidence, and intimacy in sex are not enough, in order to increase pleasure and passion of sex for you,

Durex has specially designed Pleasure series. This series has 9 types of condoms, including Pleasuremax, Pleasuremax Warming, and Strawberry.

These condoms adopt ribs and dots design to help you find his and her G-spot easily, making sex thrill and passionate.

Classification of Durex condoms - Performa series

People are never satisfied. During sex, besides security, confidence, intimacy, and pleasure, people also want to last longer. It is especially important for men who have problem of premature ejaculation. Accordingly, Durex has designed and launched Performa series, which includes two types of condoms - Mutual Climax and Performa.

The reservoir tips of these two types contain benzocaine to effectively prolong ejaculation and sexual pleasure.

When using Durex condoms, if you add Durex lubricant, the condom will fully benefit you with its effects.