Is the quality of Durex good?

In recent years, we have seen more and more products that claimed to have good quality were exposed to have problem by TV, journals, and books. Today, I will discuss the quality of Durex products with you.

Is the quality of Durex good?

Durex is a world-renowned brand with a commitment to quality. Each batch of Durex condom is sampled to test the air burst properties and tensile properties. Choosing Durex condoms means getting a condom with high quality. According to the international standard, a condom should be able to hold 18 litres of air in the "air burst test". Usually, one Durex condom can hold more air than the international standard without breaking.

Durex samples will go through leakage test by filling them with water to ensure that they will not leak. In fact, if any of the above tests fails, the entire batch of condoms will not be delivered.

Other tests include; Electrical leakage test and Air burst test

Test mode for this product: test whether there are holes in the condom.

Test mode for holes and defects: the condom is filled with water and hung for one minute to check whether it for leaks.

Test mode for this product: the condom is inflated like a balloon until it bursts to test the air burst properties and tensile properties of the product.

Is the quality of Durex good? Proved by the above tests, the quality of Durex is safe and reliable, please rest assured to buy Durex products.

When buying Durex products, please choose channels of high credibility to avoid buying counterfeit product.