Myths about condom


A foreign study shows that some men would wear a condom that is too tight, too short, too loose or too long for them. If the condom is too big, the semen will easily run out of it during sex and increase the risk of pregnancy and STDs. So finding your size is a pretty important thing.

Besides, a larger condom will decrease the level of pleasure during sex and might disappoint men. "Sorry, this condom is too big. Let me change a smaller one." Will you say this to your girlfriend?

But wearing a smaller condom too often might cause genital ischemia, circulation problems, genital tissue and nerve hypoxia or even Peyronie if the corpus cavernosum is damaged and impotence. It's bad enough to just think about wearing such a small condom.

Everything might cause allergic reaction and there are a large amount of people who are allergic to condoms. Some might find their intimate area itching badly after sex. Penis redness, itching, and tingling must be carefully taken of, or they will cause ulceration, erosion and sperm ooze. Female allergic reactions include vulvar and vaginal itching and burning, vaginal mucosal congestion, edema and increase of leucorrhea.

Once you develop allergic reactions, you should rinse your intimate area with warm water and dry it with a towel. To avoid further stimulation, do not use a soap or hot water to wash your intimate area. You can also apply a thin layer of anti-allergic ointment to the allergic part, which will relieve the symptoms and prevent infection as well.

As a matter of fact, couples that are allergic to latex can choose polyurethane condoms. Polyurethane is a kind of plastic. And polyurethane condoms can block sperm and most of the virus. Besides, they are very thin, so you'll be provided with a comfortable and natural feeling wearing them.

Condoms are used for safe sex and contraception. If the condom you wear becomes "unsafe", it will do harm to your body or lead to unpredictable results such as pregnancy and infections. Wonderful as sex is, you should always make sure the condom you have is safe.

Here, we'd like to recommend Durex to you, a brand in compliance with the international standard. Durex condoms are all made from high-quality natural latex and every supplier of Durex recognizes how much the quality of raw materials matter for quality products.  Every batch of latex will be tested and assessed on rubber plantation prior to purchase. When the latex arrives at the factory, they will be tested again. Only when the quality of latex meets Durex global quality standard can it be put in condom production.