Sites About Sex


Five Sites About Sex That Can Step Up Your Bedroom Game

Nobody wants a boring sex life, yet nobody will get that amazing sex life they wish for without being ready to learn, explore and outdo themselves. Sites about sex can be a great place to find inspiration to stay on top of your game in the bedroom. Here is our list of four sites you can be sure to get tips on almost any sexual topic you wish.

1. Flo Living

Flo is a women’s app and website that addresses all issues on women’s health and fitness. If you’re looking to learn about subjects like how to achieve vaginal orgasm or increase female libido, then this is the site for you. Flo’s content is reviewed by international medical experts and covers all sexual reproductive health concerns for women.

2. Web MD Sexual Health Center

Whether you’re male or female, you’ll love the educational sex content on Web MD. This sexual health blog educates readers on topics like sex hygeine, STDs and birth control, and infact everyday relationship issues. You can also enjoy other interesting content like sex quizzes and interviews with experts.

3. Maze Men’s Health

Maze Men’s Health is solely focused on men’s sexuality and sexual concerns. This health blog explores male sexual health issues like low libido, premature ejaculation, and penile enhancement.

4. Refinery 29 Sex Catalog

From tips for a handjob to oral sex toys or how to achieve hands-free orgasm, the sex section on Refinery 29’s website is a place where only the bold ladies go, because nothing is off limits here. This women media website celebrates female sexuality and will teach you how to do the same.

5. Durex

You can find helpful resources on the Durex blog. Beyond contraception use, Durex covers other sex topics like foreplay, sex positions and tips to maximizing sexual pleasure.