Tips And Everything You Need to Know About Safe Sex

Safe sex is the most exciting way to enjoy intimacy with your lover, so there should be no reason for you to hesitate when whipping out a condom from your pocket as you get on a ride with your partner. However, there’s more to note about practicing safe sex that simply using any condom. Improper use of condoms can cause accidents like breakages and leaks decreasing your protection. To boost your confidence when practising safe sex, here is a list of tips on the safest ways to use condoms.

Safety Tips For Safe Sex

1. Check Condoms before use

You should develop the habit of checking the condom before use. Sometimes due to improper storage and other reasons, the condom is already broken before you use it. Some condoms may have extremely small and almost invisible holes and this can weaken the effectiveness of your contraception. This is why we recommend you use Durex because it has very low break rate.

2. Don’t a Condom that Does Not Fit

Another major safety tip to consider in choosing a condom that is fitting to your size. Wearing a condom that is too small or too big increases the chances of your condom breaking or slipping off while in use.

3. Insert After Penile Erection

Condoms should be put on after penile erection and before you begin intercourse. After ejaculation, you should place a hand around the rim of the condom as you make withdrawal. Also it is important to do so before the penis relaxes, this is to prevent any out-flow.

4. Do not buy or Use an Expired Condom

Make sure the condom you buy is not expired.

5. Keep Away From Sharp Objects On Your Partner’s Body

You female partner’s long fingernails or the ring on their fingers can cause your contraception to fail. This is because they might accidentally tear the condom while you both are lost in lovemaking.

6. Stop Immediately You Know Your Condom is Broken

If you find that your condom is broken when you are having sex, you must stop the sexual activity and withdraw immediately. Failure to do this leaves you unprotected and unsafe. You can also take after-sex remedial measures to ensure contraception.