Top Sex Positions for Quickies

Top Sex Positions

Dive into desire and make sure you get the maximum pleasure, too. A stolen passionate moment is the ultimate way to show your partner quite how incredibly desirable they are. 

The key to a memorable quickie is, of course, spontaneity. To make sure you don’t miss a beat, get inspired ahead of time so that you can seize the moment and try something new. It’s also crucial not to over-complicate things because – in this instance – speed really is of the essence. Just don’t forget the condoms!

You simply haven’t got time to get to the bedroom. So where and what can help you spice it up? The more inventive you are, the better the fun. And why not dispense with undressing. That really does spell urgent, absolutely-must-do-it-right-now passion.

The stairs 
What very useful things stairs are when it comes to creating some pleasure-enhancing angles. If there’s a large difference in your height, kneeling on the stairs, facing away from other – him on a lower stair – can achieve an upward tilt in his entry that hits the G spot. And as you’re both well supported, you can use your hands to pleasure yourself or each other at the same time. 

The dining table
Lie back on a table that’s level with his hips, propping yourself up on your elbows and hooking your legs round his shoulders. You’ll both enjoy the deep penetration this position allows. 

Over the sofa 
Let’s face it, the comfort of the sofa affords many positions. Get your man to sit down with his feet on the ground, for all the world lie he’s just about to watch EastEnders. Then try straddling him facing towards or away, to give you control of the rhythm. If you’re facing him, you can intensify things being leaning back to place your hands on the floor. Or try good old doggy style over the back of the sofa. No acrobatics and plenty of fun! 

Cook up something spicy with a grabbed moment of passion bent over the kitchen surface, with him taking you from behind. And if some food enters the equation, so much the better. 

In the morning shower 
There’s no need to wash alone – or, indeed, spend the whole time getting clean. Stepping into your partner’s early morning shower and getting really frisky might possibly mean a missed train or bus but then, that’s the risk that can make things exciting! 

You may know each other from top to toe but how many times have you felt so fiercely passionate that you just want back-against-the-wall-sex? It’s the kind of thing we get up to in the early days but a position that is often forgotten once we get into the comfortable routine of living together. Never doubt the power of the knee trembler! Get your partner to push your back against that wall (hall, landing, bathroom, study, sitting room, kitchen, dining room – any will do) and wrap your legs around his waist while he penetrates you.

Secret weapon
If you’re taken completely by surprise at the suggestion of a quickie, some women might find themselves a little too dry for instant action. That’s where lubes can make all the difference. Try our Play O Orgasmic Gel, which uses a unique combination of ingredients to help achieve more intense orgasms, to add another (earth-shaking) dimension.