Varieties of Durex Condoms

For a perfect sex life, you should choose durable, reliable and high-quality condoms. Durex is a globally renowned brand of sex products and is known for using the best standards for production. From the selection of raw materials to the final stage of production, Durex ensures that every stage of production is well monitored. All Durex condoms are made of fine natural latex that are inspected thoroughly at the plantation prior to purchase. In order to assure the best quality, after the latex is shipped to the factory, it must pass a series of strict tests before it can be used for production.

Durex condoms are designed in different variants make sex more enjoyable, while giving you full assurance of protection. In Nigeria, Durex has five variants of condoms:

1. Durex Extra Safe Condoms

ExtraSafe is a condom designed to be slightly thicker than the standard Durex condoms. It is best for those who want the ultimate reassurance of protection without having to sacrifice pleasure or our sexual adventures.

2. Durex FetherLite Condoms

Durex FetherLite Condoms are shaped to be easier to put on and to provide a better, sleeker fit and feel during sex. Fetherlite condoms are thinner than the standard Durex condoms, giving you greater sensitivity and at the same time providing the same high level of reassurance and protection.

3. Durex Select Condoms

Durex Select condoms offer a selection of fun fruit flavours: banana, strawberry, orange and apple. These exciting flavours can turn your bedroom into a tropical paradise, allowing you to relax and enjoy intercourse without unpleasant distractions.

4. Durex Performa Condoms

Durex Performa condoms are effective in achieving long-lasting sex. Containing a special lube called benzocaine Durex Performa condom is designed for men who wish to prolong ejaculation, giving them more time to enjoy intimacy.

5. Durex Pleasure Me Condoms

Durex Pleasure Me Condoms is designed with uniquely positioned ribs and raised dots to give extra stimulation to your partner. These ribs are placed at the bottom of the condom to help create clitoral stimulation.

Choose to stay safe. Choose Durex.