What is the better way to use condoms


We have to try a lot of new things in our lives. Some of them make us feel happy, while others might be awkward. People would get so nervous about their first sex that they don't even know how to use condoms. Actually, condoms are a great help to sex. Not only can they effectively prevent pregnancy, they can prevent AIDS and other STDs as well. For a more fascinating sex life, I think everybody needs to know how to use condoms.

1. How to use condoms?

First of all, you should buy a condom that fits your penis. If the condom is too big, it will slip off, but if it's too tight, it will easily break. Make sure the condom you buy is not expired. Before opening the package,

Squeeze the condom to the other side and then gently tear the package by hand. To avoid breaking the condom, do not cut the package with scissors or other sharp tools.

2. How to use condoms?

Make sure you know what's the inside and outside of a condom. A lot of men wear the condom inside out when they have sex with the lights out. Some condoms have medicine or other chemical substances on the inside or outside. Wearing them inside out might cause bad stimulation.

3. How to use condoms?

When putting on a condom, you should first remove the air in the reservoir tip instead of unrolling it completely. You'd better wear it after the foreplay and before your penis gets really hard. Before putting it on, make sure your penis is not in contact with your partner's intimate area. The condom should be tight on the base of your penis. If it breaks during sex, you should stop immediately or perform emergency contraception after sex.

4. How to use condoms?

Also, knowing when to remove the condom is important. After ejaculation, hold the bottom of the condom and take it off before your penis softens. Make sure no semen comes out of the condom, or emergency contraception should be performed. Sometimes the penis would keep erect after sex and be ready for next round. When this happens, washing off the semen and change a new condom. When you take off the condom, your hand will touch the semen, so you need to avoid touching the sexual organ of your partner. Note that condoms are disposable.

By now you should be clear about how to use condoms. Durex Elite became a hit as soon as it went on the market. Elite condom is easy to use and provides a comfortable feeling, so when you have desire for sex, you don't need to worry about how to put it on.