What is the most sensual way to use a condom?


A lot of men do not feel like wearing condoms when they are having sex, because they feel uncomfortable and the orgasm is less powerful. As a matter of fact, condoms are not only a popular sex toy that effectively prevents pregnancy, but also are able to bring sexual pleasure to both men and women. Then what is the most sensual way to use a condom? Are there any skills? Here are several tips for condom use, telling you the most sensual way to use a condom.

First of all, knowing how and when to use them are related to the performance of condoms. The right way is to wear a condom from the glans to the base. You should wear it as soon as your penis gets hard instead of when you are about to ejaculate, or the contraceptive effect will be impaired and it cannot prevent AIDS and other STDs.

1. Using condoms putting on a condom can dull the stimulation on the glans and delay ejaculation. If you think one condom is not enough, you can put on two at a time.

2. Beauty of foreplay: After appreciating each other's bodies and flirting with each other, both you and your partner will get sexually excited. At this point, put on the vibrating ring and move it over your female partner's breast, nipples, stomach, inner thighs, vulva and other sensitive parts. Females can also move the vibrating ring over your male partner's chest and penis. Or the partners can each hold a flashing vibrating ring and move it over each other's bodies so as to help each other towards climax.

3. Seducing and flirting: stroking is an important part of sexual arousal for women. Wear the vibrating ring on your index finger (Make sure your fingers are clean) and then let the soft tentacles on the ring tenderly move over your partner's ears, neck, fingertips, tiptoes and even eyelids. Seducing and flirting with her to "draw the bow but not discharge the arrow".

So next time when you are asked about what is the most sensual way to use a condom, these are the tips you can tell.