What's the cause of contraception failure?

Theoretically, with proper use, the rate of contraception among condom users reaches up to 98%. But what might cause failure of contraception? How to avoid that?

1. The condom breaks during sex. This might be caused by big movements during sex, or tears on extra-thin condoms made by fingernail or ring, or even the use of an expired or wrongly stored condom.

2. Choosing a condom of wrong size. A condom larger or smaller than your size might slip off or break in the vagina during sex, which will result in semen exposure.  

3. Didn't check the condom before sex or used one with holes.

4. Didn't remove the air in the reservoir tip, causing the condom to break after ejaculation because of pressure increase.

5. Semen exposure caused by delayed removal of penis and condom from the lady's vagina.

6. Some are concerned that the condom might decrease the level of sexual excitement, so they'd rather put it on before climax, but this is not an effective method of contraception.  There is a low content of sperm in men's urethral mucus and that might flow into women's vagina.  Although you subdue your desire for ejaculation, there still might be little semen emitted from your penis and cause contraception failure.

7. Use of improper lubricants: It is observed that mineral oil and vegetable oil, such as Vaseline and lotion will decrease the durability level of condoms in 5 minutes;

8. Improper storage: Exposure to light, heat, humidity and ozone will undermine the durability of condoms.

9. Only by wearing a reliable condom can you completely immerse yourself in sex. Choose Durex, a brand that has a history of more than 80 years. Durable, reliable and desirable, Durex will let you experience great sex.

If you find the condom broken or slip off during sex or after sex, you should perform emergency contraception immediately or go to a doctor for advice.