As much as popular movies and books try to depict sex as a smooth ride down fun lane where everything is perfect, this is simply not true. It’s important that you know Sex in relationships comes with its own nuances and sometimes it can get complicated. These four truths about sex in relationships will help you set your expectations right.

Four Realtities About Sex in Relationships

1. The Sex Drive of Partners May Relationship Vary

Don’t be surprised if you realise that your partner is not as enthusiastic about sex as you are and vice versa. This may likely be because you both differ in the level of your sex drive and many times is not an indicator that she or he doesn't love you. What you both need is a better understanding of each other and agreeing to make compromises for one another.

2. Climax and Satisfaction Is each Partner’s Right

Your sexual preferences will not always match your lover’s, but that’s no reason for you to be deprived or to deprive your partner sexual satisfaction. Healthy sex in relationships require communication and equality. Each partner should be ready to please the other. You should also learn about your partner's body and what works best in helping them climax during intercourse.

3. It’s Okay For Things To Go Wrong

Sometimes things go wrong and it’s okay — maybe you failed to help your partner reach orgasm, or one of you fell off the bed. You don’t have to blame each other when such happens, instead, why not have a discussion why things went wrong and what you could do better next time.

4. There’s Room For Improvement

Sex is something you can get better at, so make it a habit to read, learn from each other, and from others, and be ready to explore new sex styles, toys or products. You can also take up good living habits that help you improve your physical fitness and your performance in bed.

Sex in relationships is great when you deeply love and appreciate each other. And that’s the first place to start in getting it right.