Which condom brands are better for sex?

Which condom brands are better for sex? A lot of couples don't know how to prevent pregnancy during sex. Using condoms has so far been the safest and most reliable contraceptive method. But how to choose a suitable condom?

Which condom brands are better for sex: classification of condoms

Which condom brands are better for sex? According to their shapes, condoms are classified into regular condoms, extra-thin condoms, dotted condoms, ribbed condoms and specially-shaped condoms. Extra-thin condoms are designed to reduce the discomfort of "taking a shower with a raincoat on". With the development of production techniques, the thickness of extra-thin condoms has broken the record over and over again without sacrificing the quality. The users won't feel obvious difference with or without them. Dotted and ribbed condoms, with dots or ribs on the outside, are designed to increase the friction between the penis and the vagina. Specially-shaped condoms are made in different shapes. For example, there are condoms of animal figures, but some of them are simply designed for fun and cannot be used during intercourse.

Which condom brands are better for sex: security

Which condom brands are better for sex? The more elaborate a condom looks, the unsafe it can be. Due to the material characteristics of latex, when it is made into condoms with dots or ribs or of irregular shapes, part of them will become much less stronger due to the uneven texture and easily break during sex. Therefore, specially-shaped condoms are not recommended.

Which condom brands are better for sex: agents for condoms

Which condom brands are better for sex? Now let's talk about the agents for condoms. Lubricant is a must. Normally condoms of high quality contain non-petroleum-based or water-based lubricants, which give a more natural and comfortable feel than petroleum-based lubricants. N-9 spermicide is added to provide double security; chemicals that can delay the climax of men are added to prolong the length of sex; and fragrance is added to spice things up. Durex Performa Condom, safe and longer: Durex Performa  is a global bestseller and the only benzocaine condom approved by CFDA!

Starting from the selection of raw materials, the primary step of production, Durex practises stringent control over every process. Durex uses only fine natural latex to produce condoms. All of the raw materials must be inspected thoroughly at the plantation prior to purchase. In order to assure the best quality, after the latex is shipped to the factory, it must pass a series of strict tests before it can be put in storage. Only quality raw materials will be ready for the production.