Size and selection method of Durex condoms


Durex condoms have different sizes to fit penis of various sizes, so as to ensure contraceptive effect in sex. We believe that even though many people often use Durex condoms, they are not clear about Durex condom sizes.  This article aims to introduce this topic.

Generally, there are four Durex condom sizes.

Condoms do not have a fixed size. Condom manufacturers produce condoms of different lengths and widths according to customers' needs. Furthermore, condoms are made of rubber, so they are elastic to some degree to meet the needs of men when they erect.

Due to physiological differences between ethnic groups, condom size in the West is different from that in the East. In China, the width of large size condoms is 54±2mm (35mm in diameter), the width of medium size condoms is 52±2mm (33mm in diameter), the width of small size condoms is 50±2mm (31mm in diameter), and the width of extra small size condoms is 48±2mm (29mm in diameter). When a man from an eastern country travels to European or American countries, if he buys condoms of standard local size, usually the condom is loose and he feels very uncomfortable. Therefore, to "fit yourself", you'd better bring along some condoms you bought in your country.

How to choose the right Durex condom size?

Though there are many condom brands with a lot of types sold on the market, usually they are classified into 4 sizes: large, medium, small and extra small. No standards have been laid down on these sizes of condoms, but normally the condoms sold in eastern countries and western countries fit penises of all lengths. Compared with length, the width (or diameter) matters. Investigation and research show that generally medium-sized condoms fit Chinese men well, so choose the medium condoms for the first time. After using it, if it is too large or too small, you can change the size next time.

It is important to choose the right size

The condom size must fit your penis. It should not be too big or too small. On the one hand, if the condom is too big, it might slip off and get stuck in your partner's vagina. Worse is that the semen might flow into her vagina, which might cause contraceptive failure. On the other hand, if the condom is too small, you will feel uncomfortable or it is easy to break, which affects the contraceptive effect.

The size of Durex condoms will affect not only how comfortable you are in sex but also how good the contraceptive effect is. Therefore, couples must carefully choose their own sizes of condoms. Choose the right size of Durex condoms according to the actual conditions of your penis.